Use stims as a reward. The use of a stimming behavior can be offered as a reward after a challenging activity. This might sound strange, but adopting this strategy means the child with autism has the freedom to express himself/herself in a way that he/she chooses (and he/she will possibly stim less throughout the rest of the day) (Moore, 2008).


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Stim seeking

May 13, 2005 "They either withdraw from or seek out sensory stimulation like movement, sound, light and touch. This translates into troublesome behaviors at 

The most important reason not to eradicate stimming is that you may cause your loved one to withdraw more and more, and lose your opportunity to encourage healthy interactions.

Stim seeking

In many harmful autistic therapies, stimming is forcefully repressed; I want to reclaim this word as something powerful. Some stims can be quite extreme and are legitimately upsetting or even frightening to typical people. For example, some autistic people stim by making loud noises that can sound threatening or scary.   Some hit themselves with their hands, or even bang their heads against the wall.

Stim seeking

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Self-stimulatory behavior, by nature, is designed to create a sensation in the body. The reasons for seeking sensation are unique to each individual, however, and can change from day-to-day.
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The sharing of Alpha-Stim is personal. We were introduced to Alpha-Stim in 2013 when seeking safe and effective non-medication alternatives for our 11-year-old daughter who suffered with a myriad of issues including chronic head and body pain. It was not long before we understood the impact of this small but powerful little device.

The redirection needs to target the same sense as the stim.


The redirection needs to target the same sense as the stim.

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